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  • GENERAL MEETING: The next general meeting of the WPOA is scheduled September. Please check back for details.

  • PROPOSED SPRING SCHEDULE OF EVENTS-All Welcome (Please check back for updates):
    --Dinner at the Pub, Thursday, June 29, 6PM
    --Saturday, August 26, 2-6PM, Western Section Picnic at Edgemere Park, followed by drinks at the Pub, 8PM


    Recent Communication Regarding Submission of Amendment to the MTA 2015-2019 Capital Program
    --Letter from MTA, dated May 26, to NYS Department of Transportation submitting proposed amendment to the MTA Capital Program Review Board
    --Letter from State Senators Hannon and Phillips, dated May 31, regarding proposed changes to the MTA Capital Program
    --Reply letter from Fernando Ferrer, MTA Acting Chair, dated June 2
    --Reply letter from Veronique Hakim, Interim MTA Executive Director, dated June 7

    The WPOA Board of Directors unanimously passed a Resolution, requesting the MTA/LIRR provide thorough responses to the questions and concerns raised in the Beverage & Diamond/Vertex report about the Third Track Project. You can read their report on the Village website, click on the navigation button on the left side of the homepage.

    You may also wish to read the letter submitted by Michael Murphy, principal of Beverage & Diamond, that was submitted to the MTA/LIRR on behalf of Garden City and the Villages of New Hyde Park and Floral Park, which outlines the requests and concerns of the three villages.

    In accordance with the deadline of the comment period, the WPOA submitted these comments to John McCarthy, Special Advisor for Agency Operations and Initiatives, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Edward Dumas, Vice President for Market Development and Public Affairs, MTA/LIRR.

  • MTA/LIRR DEIS: The MTA issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Long Island Rail Road Expansion Project (the Third Track) on November 28. Read the press release accompanying the announcement of the DEIS and the Executive Summary. For further details or to register a comment, go to amodernli.com.

    The project office is open on the south side of the Mineola railroad station. Hours are: Tuesday-Wednesday, 11-7; Thursday-Friday, 7-3; and Saturday, 10-3. Visitors are encouraged to drop in and ask questions.

  • PINHOLES: At recent WPOA general meetings, discussion took place about the "pinhole" problem many residents experience with their home piping systems. Click to view a Channel 4 news video about the pinhole problem.

  • BECOME A MEMBER: The WPOA 2017 membership drive is now open. The membership year is from January 1 through December 31. Western residents can download a membership form and mail in their dues. Please provide your email address to receive alerts on happenings in the Western Section.

    The WPOA is now also accepting membership dues via PayPal.

    Click the donate button here. Membership can be paid through your PayPal account or any major credit card.

  • VILLAGE NEWS: For information on what is happening in Village government, including meetings of the Board of Trustees, Commissions and other Boards, as well as Budget sessions, please go to the Village of Garden City website.

  • BY-LAWS AND PROCEDURES: The WPOA By-laws are posted on our Communications page, as are the WPOA Procedures for Nominating Committees.

  • Please Note: The minutes of the WPOA General Meetings, after approval, are now posted on the Communications page of this website.

The Western Property Owners Association is an organization based in Garden City,
New York, whose sole purpose to protect the interests of the residents of the Western Section of Garden City.


The Purpose of the WPOA from the By-Laws
The name of this Association shall be Western Garden City Property Owners Association, Inc.

Article 2. Object

Section 2.1 - Purpose

(a) To secure harmony, friendliness and friendship among the neighbors, residents and property owners of our community.
(b) To encourage better landscapes, flower beds and beautification of grounds.
(c) To prevent and abate any and all nuisances about the homes or property of its residents by moral persuasion or by any legal process.
(d) To maintain and uphold the Zoning Ordinance adopted by the Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Garden City, and such restrictions as are set forth in deeds of record in the County clerks Office in the County of Nassau.
(e) To maintain cleaner, safer, and better roads and lighting.
(f) To secure adequate police and fire protection, and school facilities.
(g) To do any and all things necessary to promote the general welfare
and provide civic betterment for the members, their families and property
(h) To sponsor a caucus, or other meeting of qualified electors of Western Garden City, when requested by the Board of Trustees and required for the purpose of nominating candidates for Village office, under the provisions of the Community Agreement, as implemented by the (Revised) current Uniform Procedure for the Designation of Nominees for Village and School Board Offices.


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