The Association

The Western Garden City Property Owners Association, known as the WPOA, was established in June 1925 under the laws of the State of New York. It is one of four Property Owners Associations (POAs) in the Village of Garden City, each POA representing a different section; West, East, Central and Estates. The WPOA is bordered on the north by the main line of the LIRR, on the east by the west side of Tanners Pond and Edgemere Roads, on the south by Cambridge Avenue and on the west by Jefferson Street.

One very unique item that makes up the WPOA membership is that residents of Stewart Manor who are constituents of the Garden City Union Free School District, and pay school taxes to that district, may become members of the WPOA.

Please click on “By-laws” to read more about the WPOA Purpose, its Board of Directors, and resident participation.

What We Do

The WPOA is the Western Section residents’ first access to Village government. Members of the board of     directors help residents navigate the complexities of local government, as well as promoting the general welfare and enhancing residents’ quality of life. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact the WPOA. The WPOA website provides current Village and Western Section news, as well as contact information for the WPOA, trustees and village officials, details on WPOA general meetings, and quick links to other “favorite” websites.