The Garden City Water Department has taken many steps to ensure that the water supply remains safe and meets or exceeds all Federal, State and Local standards. We’ve done this by investing significantly in the operation and infrastructure to ensure we have the most modern equipment available to help us operate the system and remain ahead of the curve. And in addition to meeting the standards we have also taken a pro-active approach in looking for ways to address other issues such as emerging containments and 1,4 Dioxane.

With State and local agencies contemplating how to address this issue, the Garden City Water Department took a measured approach and moved to put an action plan in place. We took the following steps:
1. We formed a committee made up of experts in the field, consultants and legal advisers to form a plan of action

2. We hired experts such as Langdon & Associates, who are the leading experts in the Country on 1,4 Dioxane. In fact Mr. Tom Mohr, an Associate literally wrote the book which is considered the “bible” on 1,4 Dioxane

3. Joined the lawsuit. Most recently the Village joined in a lawsuit brought by other water departments to hold the companies whose products allowed this contaminant to spread in the water supply be held accountable.

4. A plan for treatment: Most recently the committee identified the best plan for moving forward with a treatment method.  Which is the pilot program you see on tonight’s agenda.

We have decided to launch a pilot testing program and based on advice from our water consultants it will be at the Clinton Well site on Clinton Rd. It will be a 30 day program and when completed it will give us the information we need to move forward with a full and complete filtration system. As you can see from the cost of the pilot, $200,000, these treatment methods are going to be costly. If you recall, the Water department on June 1st raised rates 5%, it was done for this reason. With 10 Wells in the Village and at least 6 of them potentially needing new treatment systems it’s going to require a significant investment. But rest assured the Garden City Water Department will do all it can to maintain a safe water supply for all its customers